Listerine — Stop Food Lingering 

A spec spot produced to sell through the idea that never saw the light of day. As people leave different restaurants, they're tailed by their food.

As someone leaves an Indian restaurant, a Bollywood troop sings and dances behind them throughout their day. As another leaves a Chinese restaurant, Chinese dragon dancers follow them letting off fireworks and banging drums to annoy. The same happens in this spot, with a Mariachi band following a guy as he leaves a Mexican restaurant.

The mayhem continues until they pop a Listerine Pocket Pack to "Stop food lingering".

NY Cares — Time to Care

We all know that you can donate a day or an afternoon to most organisations, but there's never really been a way to do micro-volunteering. What if you could donate that five or ten minutes you have spare that you're just kicking around looking at Facebook. We wanted to create something that made it easy for people to donatetheir time, rather than money, to organizations that needed it.

Emirates — Hello Wherever

During a pitch for Emirates we cracked this idea we thought was awesome; buy a ticket to Dubai—Emirates' hub and the place we were tasked with encouraging travelers to visit—and from there we'll send you to a random location that you'll only know once you board your plane. Not just a one off, but a business model and a way to get people to say Hello Tomorrow, wherever tomorrow may be.

Macy's — The Manager's Apprentice

Our attempt at a Superbowl spot that survived all the way until the point the client changed their mind about doing a Superbowl spot at all.  The spot used Macy's existing line, "That's the magic of Macy's" and existing character, Harold, in the place of Mickey from the classic Magician's Apprentice roll, from the movie Fantasia.

The spot was to be supported by activity around Superbowl Way, which starts outside the Macy's store and goes up towards Time Square.

Foreigner — Rock Hall of Fame

We got asked to help bring Foreigner back to the forefront of everyone's memory, a rather strange brief as the band now only consists of 1 original member, Mick Jones, the guitarist. Nevertheless, we managed to figure out that this classic rock band have never been inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame... yet ABBA, a pop band, has been. Thus, we created a campaign to boot one out to make room for the other.

Kit Kat — Ad Break

We came up with an idea that incorporates Kit Kat's Have a Break concept in a new form of a brand sponsorship of TV shows. Essentially we would sponsor a show and buy out all it's commercial spots, then using that time we would let the show create an extra 5-10 minutes of content and brand that additional segment or time. Having a break from (traditional) advertising and getting more of the show you love.

Kit Kat — Day Off

With so many national 'holidays', there's always a reason to justify taking a break. 

Small Change